Our family's company has existed on the market since 1980. For 19 years of our economic activity, the experience and changeable political conditions, we have built solid economic basis. It is the experience that helps us develop continuously and makes us a reliable and trustful business partner. Herein we would like to familiarize you with what we do and encourage you to co-operate with us.

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About us
Here you will find out about us, about what we are, for how long the company has existed, as well as what exactly we specialize in.
This category includes the list of our products. As we are a manufacturer, we would like to present our products of excellent quality.
In order to be successful in business what is really important is to be found easily, without any trouble. This site will make it possible to contact us just this way.

Here you can find range of our products, which we usually manufacture. It does not contain all articles, we are open to do anything individually !